John and Ray McBeth led their first sport tour together in 2007 and are looking forward to leading a BCD Group to the Rugby World Cup in Japan.


Their combined strengths make them ideal tour leaders- John has been a broadcaster for over 45 years and does the talking, Ray is a nurse, mother, organiser, planner and shopper and is obviously therefore the vital one of the pair!


They're both South Islanders by birth and both began their working careers in Timaru. John spent much of his time as a rugby commentator for both radio and television but has also been to numerous Olympic Games (both Summer and Winter), Commonwealth Games and America's Cup events.


Ray developed her survival skills during John's sometimes lengthy absences at sporting events. Over the years she's also developed an uncanny knack of finding some great shops and some excellent bargains which are always appreciated by tour group members.


They have recently moved from Wellington to Raumati on the Kapiti Coast. The shift hasn't moved them far from their two sons and two grandsons who are both at college.


While they lead groups to major rugby events,their priority is always to ensure everyone experiences an enjoyable, relaxing, entertaining holiday. The fact they get many repeat clients suggests this is a successful format.